Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 57 - ?

My motivation is at 1% right now. Done.

Deep Thoughts for Tuesday:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 56 - Confusion or just plain dumb?

It occurred to me many days ago that I have not been posting on this blog or tweeting as much as I used to. When I first was let go, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to become a great writer, have one million followers, be asked to write a screenplay and then a history of my life and life happily ever after without having to actually "work". Well, what can I say. Money talks I suppose and I am not currently bringing any in (unless you count unemployment). So I have decided to do what anyone in my situation would do... work the corner. Except, with today's economy, I think there is a less of a demand for a male street cleaner than ever before. And that is just sad.

As for the reasoning behind not writing as much, what can I say? I am a lazy individual and sometimes I get behind. I'm sure many of you were procrastinators in school and didn't want to do anything until the last minute, but you knew you had to because it was for a grade. Now, if writing on this blog was my assignment for school or work, I guarantee I would do it every day and I'm sure you would too.

On to other topics. All work and no play makes Aaron a dull boy (The Shining reference). Do you see that picture of me as Wooderson? Yes, I decided to become the one and only again at a Yonder Mountain String Band concert at the HOB this past weekend. Couple problems with that... first, I was not in the mood to be the center of attention (and GF wearing a tutu definitely put us there as well). Second, I am nobody's hero for wearing the costume. When you come up to me and tell me you want me to say "I love them redheads" to your GF, then you might have some issues. Finally, I don't mind getting stared at, but not by some people who have obviously been drinking all day and cross the line between being cool and being a dick. And yes, there were those guys too. Call it jealousy, call it what you want, but for some reason, seeing a guy dressed up gives these meatbags reason to say something they normally wouldn't say sober. Well, at least I can say I made a few people smile (mainly girls, I mean, who are we kidding in those ridiculously tight cords) and hopefully gave them a story to tell that night.

I actually didn't take any pictures of this on my camera (just one on my phone), so we may never get to see the third reincarnation (and probably final) of Wooderson. I'm just happy to be someone that not everyone will recognize this Halloween. Let someone else bask in the glow of getting way too much attention. Captain America (Easy Rider) is NOT that type of person and just wants to live his life without hassles.

So, on that note, here is the Deep Thought for Today...

Deep Thoughts for Monday:

Whenever you wear tight clothes (Halloween), just remember that you WILL get attention. Whenever you wear ridiculously tight salmon color pants, you WILL get wayyyyy more attention than you may actually want.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 49 - A New Proposal?

So, as some of you may have noticed, I haven't posted in four days. The reason being... it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. You see, it's a problem of motivation. I work my ass off writing every day and I don't see another dime. So where's the motivation? And here's another thing, Bob. I have too much other crap to do! That means, when I have to do something, I have to take care of it first before I get to this.

As you may have also seen, the ads have been taken off my blog. I was lucky enough to read another blog post about the fact that if you are on unemployment and you literally make $.01 from AdSense (or other revenue means), you are considered "employed". Whoops! Did not know that. Good thing you four followers didn't click on any of the ads. That would have been tragic.

And here's another update for ya from the weekend... I got my first "rejection" email from the company that I phone interviewed with on Friday. Yep, just like the common protocol, they waited until this morning to send out the generic "fuck you" email. I will post it below and take out the company cause that might get me in trouble. Let's call it CBA company (cause everybody always does ABC Company":

Thank you for your interest in the Logistics Black Belt position at CBA Company.

After reviewing your resume/CV and speaking to you directly, we have determined that we will not be pursuing your candidacy at this time.

We would still like to maintain your resume/CV in our electronic database located in the U.S., hosted by a third party provider.

The database allows us to match the skills on your resume/CV against the requirements of other open positions. If a relevant match is made, a business representative will contact you to discuss the opportunity.

By initially sending in your resume, you consented to your resume being processed and maintained in our electronic database consistent with CBA Company Candidate Data Protection Standards. You may review these guidelines at www.CBA Company/GoFYourselfCauseWeDidn'tLikeYou.com. If you no longer consent, please send a letter to CBA Company, Mail Drop KD, Address in Cambodia, requesting that your resume be deleted from the database. Please provide your full first name, last name, mailing address and home telephone number. Any letters sent to this address for any other purpose other than the above will not be responded to and will be discarded.

If you would like to know what other positions are available at CBA Company, please visit www.CBA Company/GoFYourselfCauseWeDidn'tLikeYou.com. Job opportunities that are available and open to external candidates will be posted on this site.

Once again, we thank you for your interest in CBA Company and we wish you every success in your job search.


Blow me

I'm not bitter though. It was actually a position that I probably would have wanted to get out of in two months. Speaking of which, there may be something good down the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Deep Thoughts for Monday:
It's Monday, leave me alone. No wait, I'm just kidding, I love you. Oh hell, don't talk to me, I'm watching MNF! Those three sentences will be uttered all over the world tonight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 45 - And we are off to the races!

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, my devoted followers. A crisis arose with one of my good friends, and I was taken away from my duties as a journalist/writer/extreme badass.

However, I did say I would let you know how the interview went with that consulting firm. Okay. Just okay. It was slated for thirty minutes but only went twenty three (but who's counting?). I have to send some information to the company regarding the non-compete agreements that are the norm these days and perhaps you had to sign one too. It basically states that if you work for another company, they can sue you. Seems fair, right?

Well, the interview was a typical phone interview, and I said before, I don't think I sounded like a box. However, being that it was my first "interview" in over a year and a half, I was a little nervous and probably spoke too quickly and too long. That is one thing that all of my HR and Recruiting friends have let me in on. The person on the other end of the phone doesn't want to hear about your forty five minute rendition on how you saved your prior company $1,000. They want to see if you can say the same thing in one sentence. I may have used two sentences. Oh well! The next steps include more phone interviews (Yipee!) and then a possible all expenses paid trip to Atlanta. I just hope the office is not in an area where it is flooded, otherwise, I will have to ship my canoe as well.

But hey! I had another interview today for a Six/Lean Sigma position in Charlotte, NC. I always said I would not want to move to the East Coast, but the position does sound interesting and they seemed to actually be enthused with what I have to say. I don't know why, because I am NEVER funny, NEVER want to have a good time, nor am I well spoken individual. Maybe it's because I had some incriminating photos and that is how you actually move up in the world.
In other news, I feel fine. GF had the plague since Sunday and I thought I was starting to get it yesterday, but it turned out it was just gas. Guess I hadn't released my anxiety all day. Boom! Fart jokes.

Seeing that it is 11:00 AM, I am starving and craving some DD. Probably another post later because these are so short.

Bye ya'll!

Deep Thoughts for Thursday:

If they can make edible panties, why can't they make other things edible? Say, edible glitter, edible body paint, edible boxers, edible bra's, edible briefs, edible makeup? People would just be licking and eating each other everywhere! What do I mean by "everywhere"?... Exactly

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 43 - Just another manic Tuesday

Wind, the final frontier...

It's a cold and blistery day in Chicagoland and the natives are starting to settle in. All around the blocks, lights are appearing in apartments that haven't been shone in quite some time. The phenomenon is known as finter. Yes, you may think this is fall, but just like brunch, it's also winter. Thus, all the Chicagoites have locked the doors and turned on their TV's for the long haul. Oh, occasionally you will get those brave souls daring enough to go outside and put on eight layers and walk around. Not often though. So here I sit, enjoying our "free" heat and listening to our neighbors make a bunch of unnecessary noise. At least being on the top floor of a three flat means I don't have to hear footsteps above us.

So tomorrow is a big day. First phone interview of my 43 day adventure. This one is with a consulting firm and one of the biggies. Seeing that it's only 30 minutes long, the real purpose is to see if you are dumb as a box of rocks, or worth of the real "first" interview. Here's hoping I'm not a box.

I'm tired, I'll let you know how the interview goes tomorrow.

Deep Thoughts for Tuesday:

When people hack and cough during this cold season, it's not because they are sick, it's actually because they don't want you to talk to them or even be near them. This phenomenon happens every night at the bar.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 42 - I have 15 minutes left before day 43...

Two posts in one day?! Wow, you must be crazy they said. And you know what I told them? "It's more fun to be crazy, than to be less than crazy and still crazy" They were totally confused by my superior logic.

I've decided on what I want to be when I grow up... a professional advice giver outer. It seems like I can tell others how to live their lives a little better, yet I don't seem to know what I want out of mine.

A long time ago, I believed as many of you do that the path in life is simple... you go to high school, then go to college, get your degree in something you believe you might want to do for the "rest of your life", and then proceed to get a job. Next comes finding your partner in life (this can happen anytime from the high school sweetheart to the person you meet in your late 20's/early 30's), seeing each other for awhile, falling in "love" and then getting married, buying a home (or condo/townhouse), having children, growing old and then having grandchildren.


Now, time for what many of you don't want to hear or will try to debate. I do not want to get married, nor do I want children. Plain and simple.

Now comes your rebuttals. But Aaron, what's going to happen when you are 70 years old and all alone? So what? I do not believe that we need to grow old with somebody in this society because of fear of being lonely. In fact, once you reach a certain age, I think it may be better to have just friends.

But Aaron, I'm sure you will find that one person that you will fall deeply in love with and you will want to get married. I'm sure I will love, and will continue to love, but I do not believe that there is just "one" person that you are meant to be with. That's not to say that I would go around with multiple girlfriends, it's just that when we deny our human feelings and repress them, we are bound to get in to worse situations (50% of marriages end in divorce. Add to the fact that if there are children/possessions involved, it's worse).

But Aaron, what about continuing your name? What?! Continuing my name? As much as I'd love to have little kids and worrying about them constantly, that's exactly what I don't want. I am not being selfish, I am just telling you that this world is continually getting worse and I would not like to see anyone growing up in to what I see is a very scary future. Also, I like nice things. Just being truthful.

But Aaron, won't it be awkward to visit your friends' that are all married with kids and you are not? Let me tell you, I have met many people that are currently married (some with kids and some without) or in serious relationships and after they hear my "theories" about this topic, they open up to me and inform me that they may have made the wrong decision. But because there are feelings and "obligations" that society has placed on them to stay married, they feel they cannot leave.

I also want to follow my dreams. My future consists of traveling, living a life of relaxation without worries of others, laughing with friends and enjoying the company of many others.

Seeing that not a lot of people are currently reading this blog, much of this information will be lost in day 42 of day 3,092. However, it has now been written and I am not afraid of who reads it. These are my true feelings and those that I needed to express.

My advice is to not scorn or look down upon people with different feelings or ideas than yours. Instead, just try to understand where the other person is coming from. Listen to their ideas, their positions and their feelings. If you ever want to talk to me about the stuff said above, please do so. Have a great night all.

Day 42 - National Holiday? Only for some?!

Happy Columbus Day!!!

I made a discovery myself today! You can actually sleep for 10 hours straight without blinking an eye (?). I was able to awake at 9:00 to put dishes in the dishwasher and clean up a little bit and then it was right back to sleep. Not that I needed to, actually, I needed to. What a crazy weekend it was.

Friday -
  • Elbo Room - Saw Mason's Case (GF's Cousin's band) at 9:00 PM
  • Left to go to the Darkroom to meet up with the "guys" considering all of the "girls" were in Vegas until Saturday night
  • Left Darkroom to go back to Elbo Room for a late nightcap
  • In bed by 3:00 AM, not a whole lot of details to go along with the night
Saturday -
  • Woke up with full intentions of going to the gym, but with MSU playing at 11:00 CST, there wasn't really any time to go. I've been told my Ab's look good though... HA!
  • Went to the Stretch to watch the game. I got there about 10 minutes early and there were only 7 people there. Eventually more showed up, and it was a festive atmosphere as MSU was stomping on UofI.
  • After the game, I left Stretch and went home with full intentions of going to Will's to watch the Wisconsin game. However, that didn't end up happening and crashed instead. Don't you just love naps? Naps are some of the greatest things in the world, right? George Carlin agreed and so do I.
  • Woke up and went to a friends' place for a drink with full intentions of going out first before picking up the GF from Midway. But... it didn't work out that way as by the time that I would make it to downtown and come back, I would only be able to stay for a half hour at most.
  • I left my place around 9:40 PM to pick up GF from a 10:25 flight.
  • I made it to Midway with 15 minutes to spare. Wow for lack of traffic!!! I parked my car and waited.
  • She came down the escalator and then we went to the baggage claim area #6. Man oh man, I cannot believe some of the people that get off of a Vegas flight. I saw guys that were literally missing 4 of their top teeth, guys in jorts, big tittied women that looked like they smoked 3 packs a day and then the younger, good looking people. All in all, good people watching.
  • GF checked two bags, only one came out!!!
  • Almost a meltdown, but as we discussed with the Southwest baggage lady named Joyce (wonderful by the way), there was another flight coming in and we should just wait. Which we did. On that flight were two of my other friends, so it was good to see them as well. And what do you know?! GF's second bag came out. So we were on our way home.
  • By the time we got back it was 12:30 and neither one of us wanted to go out, so, we stayed in (duh?).
Sunday -
  • The Vikings were on National TV again thanks to a Bears bye week, so I was in pure elation! And they won!
  • No real Sunday funday, but at least I didn't spend much money. However, after being stuck inside for too long, I went to Binny's and bought a nice bottle of Cab. Mmm, delicious.
And here we are on Monday and it's a National Holiday. Now, if I were to take a boat and start sailing around, would I get a day named after me too? Perhaps. Okay, time to start sailing.

Tomorrow I will wake up refreshed, apply for numerous jobs and then go to REI for a free lunch and learn series. They are doing this all month long and you get a free Chipotle Burrito while you sit for an hour and listen to cool topics. I chose the volunteering in the city series. And then it will be off to the gym to work off said burrito.

I hope you all had a great weekend. As I am now on Day 42, I thought I should celebrate. Thus, tonight, I have decided to get crazy and have a cup of Jasmine/Green Tea. Craziness!

Deep Thoughts for Monday:
National Holiday's are kind of a downer. It just means that no matter how hard you work your ass off, you will never have one day of the year named after you.